SCAM run by thieves and will steal your money

betscripts scam website

Most people allready know about this, its all over the internet but if you have missed it, just visit your google browser and type the words: scam

And see what kind of results you will be shown.
They claim to sell original sourcecode from us and other providers, but they dont deliver, just take peoples money and moves to the next.
We know this because unfortunately people have falled for this online scam website and paid DOUBLE price as our original betting script is cheaper and 100% original.

We cannot give any support to nulled or old clone scripts of our Bethade script – If you want the real deal simply get in touch with us today to discuss how we can bring your online betting webite online asap.

Its a shame people like the thieves behind betscripts exists and take advantage of other peoples hard work.
They will not accept payment method such as paypal, skrill, bank wire and will tell you crypto is better and more secure but the truth behind that is that while paying by crypto – there is NO trace to WHO you paid your money to.

Paying to a paypal account will first allow you to see the name behind the account plus you will have buyers protection, meaning once you realize you have been targeted as a scam object, you could get your money back asap through paypal.
This is not possible once you pay by crypto currency.