Open sourcecode sportsbetting platform

With our turnkey betting script software you can easilly start your very own gambling business online in just a couple days.
The latest update to our line of betting script series are here fully loaded with everything you might need to start you online gaming.
You will be the master admin with full control, create sub admins, players and use whatever commissions you like.
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Build your own sportsbook

Sportsbook software by is a segment of its multi-functional Gaming Platform, is designed to operate fully-functional and secure social sports betting web-sites with almost no operational risk and can be provided as a white label or a open sourcecode.

The Betting script software provided incorporates highly advanced functionality to cover all the regular betting exchange operations.

Our Betting Exchange software ensures complete support for the Betclick API for reliable import of sports data combined with the market-leading exposure management tools. It also enables complete management of custom commission rates, allows to plan ongoing commission incomes and ensures comprehensive protection of all user data.

The high-end Betting script software by has all the features required to implement a solid and stable betting website with a loyal customer base and to constantly expand your business to new unexplored markets and opportunities.