How to start a betting website in 24 hours

Its easy, really to start your own online betting website theese days!

Simply purhase our highly popular Bethade betting script and prepare your server.

For installation you would need a centos7 server and cpanel i optional depending how you like it.
If you dont have proper knowledge to install and manage server, no worrie we dont just sell the cript we install it too, for free and in most cases the same business day aswell.

Pick a cool domain name, you could find loads of suggestions on 
GODADDY and once you have your domain, a server and our script you are ready to start the fun part.

Add a cool logo, play around with colors, banners and adjustments to make it personal and the add details such as payment options and so on.
A couple hours learning the system and play around a but is enough for most peole to get the grasp of the functionality and from there, open the door and let your players in to join your very own real money online betting website.