Do i need a gambling license to use a betting script?

Betting is illegal in my country, can i still buy and use the Bethade script?

Yes, you can buy. Whether you are from USA or Canada or Europe, you can safely buy and operate from our or your own server. 
When it’s hosted in our server you got nothing to worry, we simply provide the software, what you do or not with it is totally op to you and our free support is always included.

You don’t need license or anything. Doesn’t matter whether it’s legal or illegal to bet in your country of residence, technically you can have it online fully working in 24 hours.

Its always up to you to check if its allowed or not in the region you want to promote, but in general our script works very well in theese grey are markets and thats why the Bethade betting script have turned out to be so popular, simply because you can do whatever you want.

If you do however need a gambling license, here are some common things you would like to read about.

Gambling license in Curacao

So you have been wondering how to get a gaming license? You may have looked at more traditional jurisdictions such as the UK or Malta. But the gaming license cost is a significant factor in your decision-making process and they are likely too expensive or bureaucratic to get. for this reason, a remote gaming license from Curacao is looking like an affordable option.

Your local gambling commission license requirements may be too onerous for your needs or simply too expensive. You want an online gambling license to service your immediate needs and at the right price.

Curacao gaming license is probably your most affordable option to get your casino, poker, bingo, sportsbook, lottery, crash games, sweepstakes, or raffle licensed and online! It is more affordable than a Malta gaming license and less bureaucratic. In addition to this, Curacao corporate structures offer low tax incentives and offer great legal protection.

Costa Rica License as an alternative?

Some of our readers point out that a Costa Rica gambling license is considered a “cheap gambling license”. Be warned, it is not an actual gaming license but rather a data processing license. More often than not, financial institutions will not work with any entity using this for their gaming licensing purposes. Even if you are a cryptocurrency casino, a Curacao license is likely a better option, and partnering with is going to be your best way forward.