Bitcoin betting system for sports betting and casino

bethade script

The Bethade system is based on the igameprovider gaming system with updated version twice a year since 2017.
Basically the casino games have all got a great facelift with graphics, sounds and functions lately on the Bethade betting script.

comparing to our previous casinos and sportsbook versions we added 3 more games.
The great thing with the Betting script system is that you can easilly change, tweak and rebuild not only the frontend design but you can also modify the actual game codes, for example if you want to rename and change graphics in the actual game, its fully possible to do so!

This mean you can put your own images, logos, sounds and make any game your very own customized game ready to roll out and this is something no other provider will offer you for sure.
Needless to say, we kept the functions where you can change the winning outcome, percentage and maximum winnings manually from the admin control panel which is a great feature and lets you control the actual flow of the player funds and activities.

If you want to launch your very own online casino where you can accept Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and 2000+ other crypto currencies along with more traditional payment gateways, you can have this setup all done and installed onto any server that you chose with full open sourcecode within 24  hours (busines days) a truly amazing deal and with a solid marketing strategy you can be successfull online within days.